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  2. Il CS4 lascia il terreno ben livellato, non produce suola di lavorazione e non teme l\'erba alta
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The Inter-row power harrow CS4 is a machine designed to work below vines, in particular for cases where vines are very close together (min. 60 cm).

Thanks to its special features and exceptional sturdiness it can guarantee optimal work on any terrain.

All models are equipped with hydraulic tilting of the implement, controlled from the driver’s seat.

On request 3-rotor implement in place of 2-rotor version for working width of 65 cm instead of 45 cm.

An innovative, patented device that can be connected to the tractor’s own hydraulic power system, allows you to retract the implement manually as well as increase feeler resistance when required


Our inter-row cultivators (ZA/86 series rotary hoes and CS4 series inter-row power harrows) are now equipped with a brand new patented control device that significantly improves performance.
The new control device features a special hydraulic cylinder that can be connected to the tractor’s hydraulic system, allowing one of the tractor’s own control levers to control the implement. This clever new device lets you retract the implement from the tractor’s driving seat without having to install extra controls.

Another benefit of this patented new device is the fact that it allows you to increase feeler resistance whenever required during operations. All you need to do is push the tractor’s control lever forward. The feeler returns to its normal sensitivity as soon as you release the lever. This function is extremely useful when faced with tough grass between the plants or raised ground under the rows, conditions that typically prevent normal probe functioning.

The new device has also allowed us to increase feeler sensitivity, improving automatic movement with delicate crops. All functions of the new device are controlled as follows, by just one control lever on the tractor:
1. Pull the lever back to retract the implement
2. Release the lever to extend the implement
3. Push the lever forward to increase feeler resistance
4. Release the lever to return probe sensitivity to standard level

Our technical and sales offices are at your disposal for any further information you might require.

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