2. Motovanga in azione


The self-propelled spanding machine is the first spading machine with its own motor and is a new machine concept in the sector of small equipment for working the soil. The Motovanga was conceived to perform spading operations in all cases where it is not possible to use a tractor, as often occurs in terraces, nurseries and many more.

Despite the small motor power (only 4.8 kW), the Motovanga offers performances that could not be achieved up till now without using a tractor: in just one hour it is possible to work 350 square metres to a depth of 20 cm, even on difficult soil.

The positioning of the spades at the end of the machine instead of “in the middle” (like motorcultivators) allows the operator to start working a few centimetres from walls or fences without leaving any soil untilled. The operator stands always on untilled soil and controls the equipment from the side opposite the moving parts, thus ensuring a higher level of safety.

The Motovanga is based on 50 years of experience in the construction of spading machines and can count on extraordinary reliability and sturdiness.

Main tecnica data: • engine power 4,8 kW (6,5 CV) • working width 75 cm • working depth 20-22 cm • total weight  250 kg

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