1. Serie ZA/86
  2. La ZA/86 lascia la superficie completamente lavorata sia tra i filari che tra le piante
  3. PDF Serie ZA/86

The ZA rotary hoe has been specially designed and engineered to cultivate inter-row and between individual plants simultaneously. This is the only hoe with automatic offset that utilizes a linear action feeler. With this system, the feeler of the ZA maintains faultless control over the offset movement under any conditions. In particular, the implement operates without any need for manual intervention, even in long grass. Importantly, the feeler has a travel of just 40 mm (as opposed to the 400 mm typical of conventional feelers), which significantly facilitates reversing and manoeuvring operations.

The ZA has several important features combining to ensure long and reliable service:   1. Lateral transmission housing cast in one piece 2. Oil-immersed gear train 3.Main supports with taper roller bearings 4.Double seal on main hoe-blade shaft
The machine can be fitted on request with wheels in place of skids, and with hydraulic remote control allowing operation of the offset mechanism from the driving seat.

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