1. Serie S92
  2. Due spollonatrici-diserbatrici S92 montate su telaio TM9
  3. PDF Serie S92

The TM9 Tool is a new concept can operate various types of machinery (disc mower, Weed-killing-tipping machine etc. ..) dell’interceppo for management in vineyards and orchards. The tool can only be mounted on the right side or on both sides. The location of the equipment varies in transverse direction by manual or alternatively by hydraulic device controlled by the driver’s seat. The nylon threads, in addition to eliminating the shoots (up to 70 cm high), running a good weeding, especially around the stumps, making completely unnecessary the use of chemical weeding. With this feature, in addition to the remarkable speed of work and two jobs simultaneously, gives a high level of productivity.   A good example is the combination of two trunk cleaner TM9-weeders S92: both are adjustable in height from the driver’s seat and have a quick way to replace the wires.

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